Expectations Portland Roof Cleaning Company

  1. Expect the contractor to be on time for the Roof Cleaning appointment. That person, whether  a sales rep or the owner, should be able to explain the detail of what your installation requires and answer your question(s) about cleaning the roof.
  2. Do they have a track record? The Roof Cleaning Company  should have an address, not just a P.O. box number.  Ask for referrals in your area, and check the roofing contractors referrals out.
  3. Expect the Roof Cleaning estimator to go up on the roof to inspect it they’ll need to take accurate measurements. He should also evaluate decking, siding, sofits, fascia, gutters, downspouts, chimney flashing and landscaping close or near the job site. They should also go into the attic and evaluate the roof from inside and determine whether attic contents need to be removed or protected.
  4. Expect to be shown samples of roofing materials and to have their properties and warranties explained to you. Make sure you understand how materials affect the cost to repair or replace a roof.
  5. Ask for proof that a Portland Roofing Contractor carries comprehensive liability insurance and workers comprehensive insurance, to be positive you and your property are protected from this type of liability. Don’t settle for a verbal assurance always make sure it is in writing.
  6. Be wary if the roofing contractor requests a large deposit on the price of a new roof or for payment in advance for materials. Unless arrangements have been made otherwise, payment is normally due upon invoicing or on completion of the roofing  project.

About Jeff McDougal

Jeff McDougal is the owner of Jeff McDougal Portland Roof Cleaning and Gutter Service. Jeff has years of experience in Portland, roof cleaning, and cautions against DIY (Do-It-Yourself) roof cleaning projects or use of a non-licensed Contractor. "We're actually very inexpensive when comparing apples to apples. When you hire me, you get my work ethic, my pride in workmanship, my reputation, and my 20+ years of experience and expertise, not some guy trained for 3 hours on how to spray chemicals or operate a power washer. " Jeff McDougal Portland Roof Cleaning is a CCB Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor. CCB#133694 Call For A Free No Obligation Estimate, Please call: (503) 232-9295