Portland Roof Cleaning Myths

Myth: Roof Algae and/or moss will not hurt a home’s value.

Fact: Not only will roof algae and moss cost you on curb appeal, but the buyer’s perception is that the roof has not been maintained properly and may pass on your home thinking it may have higher maintenance costs because of the moss or algae.

Myth: The best way to remove Moss and Algae is with High Pressure Cleaning.

Fact: High pressure cleaning can remove granules and even fray ends on Composition Shingles, tear holes below the shingles in the tar paper on wood shakes and break apart tiles when roof cleaning with high pressure. Jeff McDougal’s Portland Roof Cleaning uses low pressure and fan tips that remove the moss and algae without damaging the shingles.

Myth: No Pressure cleaning is better than Low Pressure Cleaning.

Fact.: Killing the moss doesn’t remove it. Moss can catch dirt and other compounds that can continue to break down your roof. Also, just because a “No Pressure” company advertises it uses chemicals safe enough you can pore them down your sink, doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. The reason they say this is because many of them use Sodium hypochlorite the same active ingredient found in Drano and if it comes into contact with something acidic, it can produce a poisonous gas. Drano may be safe enough for my sink, but I wouldn’t want Drano on my roof or lawn.

Myth: Algae or Moss on a roof is a sign that it’s time for a new roof.

Fact: Presence of moss or algae does not necessarily mean that a roof needs replacing. Although, left untreated, moss and algae can cause premature aging leading to early replacement. Algae feeds off the limestone filler in you composite roof, destroying granules and leaving your roof venerable to UV rays, heat and rain. Cleaning the roof can add many years to the life of your roof, whether it’s composition, shake or tile.

Myth: Black stains on a roof are caused by acid rain, dirt, tar and spent jet fuel.

Fact: Most black roof stains are caused by blue-green algae called Gloecapsa Magma.

Myth: Roof Algae and Moss are a cosmetic issue only. It will go away in a few months.

Fact: If not removed by roof cleaning, it will damage you roof. And, because both are living organisms, they will not only not go away, but will continue to grow and inflict more damage to your roof. With roof

Myth: No-Pressure Chemical treatment will never harm your roof.

Fact: These strong, caustic chemical solutions, can cause just as much, and even more harm to your Portland roof as high pressure washing will. We see victims of this type of so called “no pressure roof cleaning” cry every time it rains, as they watch more and more granules fall off their Shingles ! These unwary customers finally call their roofing contractor, only to find out that their warranty is null and void, because of improper non pressure roof cleaning methods or chemicals!

About Jeff McDougal

Jeff McDougal is the owner of Jeff McDougal Portland Roof Cleaning and Gutter Service. Jeff has years of experience in Portland, roof cleaning, and cautions against DIY (Do-It-Yourself) roof cleaning projects or use of a non-licensed Contractor. "We're actually very inexpensive when comparing apples to apples. When you hire me, you get my work ethic, my pride in workmanship, my reputation, and my 20+ years of experience and expertise, not some guy trained for 3 hours on how to spray chemicals or operate a power washer. " Jeff McDougal Portland Roof Cleaning is a CCB Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor. CCB#133694 Call For A Free No Obligation Estimate, Please call: (503) 232-9295